Tourism In Sierra Leone by Doris Stevens

‘’Beautiful Beaches, golden sand, accommodating people with a heart of gold. Blessed with natural resources beyond measures…diamond, bauxite, iron ore and gold. It’s always a sight to behold, whether it’s a stroll along the beach or just watching the sunset. Trees dancing to the rhythm of the wind and sunshine to add that extra humph to your day. Oh the memories!’’

I will start by saying how underrated a tourist destination Sierra Leone is. I was born and bred in Sierra Leone but anytime I go there’s always something new to see, something new that catches my attention, something that makes me spare no expense in paying that expensive plane fair to go back. This is not only down to the reason being that Sierra Leone is home, but because of the many natural resources that this country has been blessed with, the many undiscovered treasures.
The beaches, the people, the food and the diverse culture…. have you got enough reason yet to visit Sierra Leone? Ok No? I’ll continue, the weather, the wild life and islands (which I am yet to explore) and the ever lively and energetic night life and to top it off, the fine fine borbor (gents) and titi (ladies) dem….hehe (had to go local for that one)

As a young person from Sierra Leone on holiday, my favourite hangout has to be the beach, the beach is always a major part of my holiday and I look forward to it with great pleasure. Whether it is night or day, the beach always deliver…..nothing short of positive and energetic vibes with good company. I am talking about beaches like Number 2 with golden sand and Lumley Beach with amazing blue skylines. All this is and many more, topped off by the accommodating people in Sierra Leone, making friends is like drinking water.
One thing I’ve discovered also is a holiday in Sierra Leone can be whatever you want it to be. With our several beautiful and amazing beaches, it can cater to a family holiday. With our ever-blazing night life, it can be a paradise for young people or anyone who enjoys having a swell time and meeting people from all works of life. With our new and innovative holiday resorts opening now, Sierra Leone caters for couples that just want to bask in the sunshine and watch the sunset under the wild and watchful eye of the crashing waves. Whatever, the age, watching the sunsets never gets old and in Sierra Leone, the sunset is a sight to behold…. simply glorious.

But what good is a bride if the groom can’t see her on her wedding day all dressed up and looking all glamorous, or what good is a light if you throw a blanket over it? I’ll tell you, not much at all. This is a good example of how tourism in Sierra Leone is currently portrayed. Not much is known about this beauty. My worry is how we are going to find a groom for her. Will we ever find a groom for her?
People in the diaspora like me; we go for holidays every year to Sierra Leone and sometimes more than once. We go there, have a blast, explore all its beauty and come back with a closed mouth and few pictures of our night outs, friends and relatives that we haven’t seen in years. What happened to a beauty shot (even if it’s just one) of Mama Salone that will send a message out of just how beautiful the country is or how about a short note on any social media just to tell a few strangers about your experience.
For instance I was in Sierra Leone last year December for Christmas with a friend from Barbuda; a beautiful island in the Caribbean. She knew little of Sierra Leone till I took her there for the first time and she loved it. She loved it so bad that she has already told me that she will be going back next time. She was in awe of the beauty that is Sierra Leone, made loads of friends and didn’t once felt like a stranger in a strange land. See, it is not that hard to spread a good word. I have done my bit…. waiting on you to start yours.

In addition to the above, let’s not underestimate the power of social media and the power it has on the present society. This same powerful tool is flooded by the youth. So what better way for us young people, both in the diaspora and back home to showcase our beauty that is Sierra Leone?
Other countries that I can barely call a tourist destination are on the map. Why can’t we put Sierra Leone on the map too which have way more to offer? We can do this. It doesn’t take a lot. We just need to stop taking such blessings for granted and start using the power that is available to us to make Sierra Leone known and exposed to all for the beauty that she is.

By Doris Stevens…
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