Mama’s Afflictions by Kanja .I. Sesay

When papa met mama, she had no drama;

When they hooked up, it was positive karma;

When they had fights, they made peace to the sound of the African drum;

When they went apart, guess what came by? That thing called wahala.

Freedom is bursting out like the cork from an open champagne bottle;

Life can create a sudden feeling of oppression;

To the feeling of release in the same light;

As a river searching for the ocean.

Mama’s children had promised to make her the proudest mother of all the worlds;

She waits in anticipation and a thirst of eagerness;

For the day her dreams will come true.

The promise of a corrupt free, faithful, love and non tribalistic land is alien to these parts.

It has become a custom to encompass this hidden feature to every newborn pickin of this land.

They announced to wipe all mamas’ debt including the ones her sons spent on concubines and expensive houses, money which was meant for mama, but her sons keep playing the same games.

The constant battering of love in her eardrum has taken its toll on mama. All mama can do now is just complain and take and love every newborn that she has been given. The names that she gives her sons are not the names they are later known to the world as. Mama knows their real names but to us they are known as corruption, poverty, aids (oh! she has some many of them) civil war, tribal war (oh! these are the new sons they are quite young but they’re growing so fast now).

Then there is genocide, this is just one boy but he moves from different lands and causes mama so much pain that her pain even complains of afflictions.

To stand in the face of your affliction and smile is the best feeling one could ever wish for in their lives. But when you make your affliction get the best of you; every weak emotion will be evoked from the depth of your breast.

You will never get through life without any affliction; it’s just impossible. From the first breath you inhale, to your last gasp for air on your departure to the next life. Affliction will be with you, from the special boys Mohamed (SAW) and Jesus they had afflictions.

Africa has her afflictions, and we are the cure.

Ar dey beg mak we cam together.

May Allah, God bless Mama Africa now and forever.

Mama We love you


by Kanja Ibrahim Sesay


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